When metal polishing pads comes to green revolution and flooring, polished concrete is the eco friendly option. This is a decorative non-wax flooring system, in which it is not essential to have a specific group of raw materials. There are several environmental advantages of polished concrete flooring. Let us have a look at some of those.

Saves energy


In polished concrete flooring, wet polishing pads is left uncovered by consequent layers of flooring. It augments its thermal mass, which means its capability to absorb and maintain heat. Due o this feature flooring remains cool in the hot weather while retaining heat in the cold weather. Thus, it contributes major role to reduce energy use for cooling and heating as well. When used with radiant heat, polished concrete floors provide clean even heat with lower water temperatures. When it comes to the potential environmental and economic benefits of options like geo-thermal heating, this can prove to be important feature. These flooring systems also offer increased reflectivity, which lowers the amount of lighting needed, particularly in areas, which lack natural light. Due to this feature, electrical usage is reduced at great extent.