What you get is a high gloss floor that is reflective, aesthetically pleasing and will stand up to heavy metal polishing pads traffic.

This type of flooring will stay glossy even though you will never have to wax it. When you are polishing the floor you can choose how much sheen you want. You can have a flat finish, a high gloss finish or something in between. This process eliminates any need to apply a topical coating that requires any kind of extra maintenance. All you need is a damp mop to wipe down the surface and remove any debris. An occasional dusting is the only other thing you will need to do.


This material is non-allergenic wet polishing pads and flame resistant. It cannot be damaged by mold, humidity, mildew or moisture, which makes it extremely durable. Moisture can escape freely because the material breathes. In addition to all this, it will not be stained or marked by spill liquids, heavy equipment or vehicle tires.