Template diamond floor pads formation: Here comes the direct role of your stone countertop supplier. An accurate template is made of the countertop area at your home by the supplier. Normally wood is used for the process of making the template.

Layout review: This is a discussion session with the customer and the supplier to finalise the layout of the countertop.

Cutting: The diamond hand polishing pads selected by you is cut in the corners according to the approved template of the countertop. Depending on the edge details and the structure of the countertop different methods are used for cutting and grinding.


Polishing: Once the slabs are cut to size, the polishing part starts. There are a total of 4 to 8 stages of polishing. Depending on the stone type and also on the finishing required different slabs are treated with different levels of polishing; for antique finish, stiff brushes are used instead of polishing pads.