Slate is another stone that is often used in flooring. It's very outdoorsy, and many love the various resin diamond floor pads shades of red, orange, gold, lavender, green and other colors that slate comes in. Slate floors give any home a rustic appearance, and are waterproof, making them perfect for use around pools or in patios. Slate is very textured and you should keep that in mind when you are using it as flooring. While a textured slate floor might be great outside, inside you could skin your foot or stub a toe easily. You can seal slate floors to avoid this if you want.


You can get floor tile that are made from man-made stone, but they do not equal the beauty of natural stone. Manufactured stone is called resin diamond hand pads agglomerate stone, and while it is pretty, and offers stain and scratch resistance, it simply cannot match up to real stone. I my opinion there is nothing quite like an elegant natural stone floor to raise the value, beauty and feel of your home.