Myth 7 is that the only way to polish resin diamond floor pads ceramic tile is by putting a coating on it. Many janitorial companies have resorted to constantly waxing and stripping and re-waxing ceramic and porcelain tiles to ensure the floor remains shiny. Applying a coating or wax on tile floors may seem less expensive at first, but when added up, all the maintenance it incurs (stripping and constant spray buffing), it becomes a costly option. There is a natural, non-wax compound for the honing, polishing and restoration of most unglazed ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles. This system gives a long-lasting finish and natural shine to tiles. It does not yellow or scuff and it eliminates the need for the constant waxing and stripping of tiles.


Myth 8 is that plain water cleans stone safely. Water alone does not clean stone. It simply moves the dirt around resin diamond hand pads. There are neutral cleaners available which clean without harming the stone.