First, chips, holes and cracks need to be repaired. Since every concrete floor is different and aggregate material used over the past decades greatly vary, the finished product will always be different. If the diamond floor pads surface is uneven or height issues present problems around doorways and entrances, self-leveling overlays can be applied and polished. These self-leveling treatments can be colored or decorated with a wide variety of color pigments and textured decorative elements. The floors are then sealed, polished, and burnished with a resulting finish that is often a major interior design highlight.


Modern diamond hand pads innovations in concrete floor treatments can create surfaces that look like marble, granite, tile, or terracotta. Logos and designs can even be added to the floor. Don't fall into the trap of ignoring the cement floor and only consider the walls. Designers and architects consider these decorating options in the overall interior design. Polished concrete floors are popular in apartment lobbies, galleries, and skyscrapers all over New York City because they provide a functional, decorative, flooring solution.