Although diamond floor pads has been around for a long time the basic premise remains the same. A circular diamond blade is mounted to a motorized machine and cuts a small separation in the concrete to allow a portion to be removed while leaving in tact the area that is to remain. There can be many different reasons why one would need such a service, a few examples might be: Cutting in the roadway or streets for new utilities to be installed. Or a broken pipe needs to be repaired underneath the roadway and saw cutting allows one to gain access to the utility for repair. Concrete cutting is also used in commercial application where conduits need to be installed or re-routed to other locations.


metal diamond floor pads is a service where you cut a square or rectangle in a concrete or masonry wall. The reason would be to open up an area for a doorway or window. Wall sawing can also be used to open up walls to be able to pass through large A/C ducts or large conduits. The process of wall sawing is where special tracks are mounted to a wall along with a power unit and circular blade. Two vertical and two horizontal cuts are made in the wall and then the cut piece can be pushed out for demolition and removal.