Marble is probably the most iconic diamond hand pads material for a stone chess set. Able to take a very high hone, polished marble glistens with a shimmering perfection that casts elegance throughout the environment. The black and white marble chess set is an archetype of the game, and now, with the improvement of mining technologies, there are actually dozens of different colors, and multi colors, of marble available for your set.


Soapstone is a relatively soft yet durable material that is often used in the creation of African edge polishing pads chess sets. The stone feels smooth to the touch, and has an almost slippery sensation when rubbed, akin vaguely to the feeling of rubbing a bar of soap. These soapstone chess sets are often coupled with matching boards, although occasionally they will be paired with wooden boards. The feeling from these sets is often a bit more raw, and tribal, with the pieces often being carved in strange and exotic ways.