Oil Stones

Oil stones are natural stones quarried from the earth or synthetic stones that are cut and shaped as whetstones. The most tile and glass blades well known natural oil stone is the Arkansas Stone which is made from Novaculite. The Washita and Ouachita stones are  made from the same material and are from the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas. These stones tend to cut more slowly compared to the synthetic India Stone that is made of Aluminum Oxide. Oil stones made of Silicon Carbide are the fastest cutting stones which make them ideal for initial course sharpening.

Water Stones


Water stones, just like the concrete blades oil stones, are available in both natural and synthetic materials. The main advantage of the water stone is that it is fast cutting. Another advantage is the use of water instead of oil which is less messy and easier to clean up. Synthetic water stones are made of Aluminum Oxide but are softer than India Stones which are made from the same material. The Japanese water stone consists of fine silicate particles in a clay matrix, making it a soft stone. The worn material from your hunting knife and the water form a slurry which in conjunction with the stone, sharpens and polishes your blade.