Fill your spray bottle about 25% with diamond floor pads phosphoric acid and 75% with water and again work in areas about 2ft. x 2ft. starting at the bottom of your project if it is vertical. Spray the acid and scrub with your scrub brush and then clean the tile with the 3M pads and water to remove soap scum. Rinse thoroughly with water and suck up with the wet or dry vac and then dry off further with terry towels. If there are any visual remnants of caulking, try removing it with a little acetone. You are now ready to grout.

There are many colors of grout to choose from but on this project I am going to assume it is standard floor polishing pads dry white non-sanded grout. Mix your grout in one of the buckets with your margin trowel to a plyable paste and spread over the tile and grout evenly with your grout float. Then take your grout float and hold at a 45 degree angle to remove the excess mortar and fill the grout joints. When you are finished hand polishing pads grouting, go back and wipe smooth with your grout sponge and water rinsing your sponge out frequently. Do not leave too much water in the sponge cause at this point moisture in an enemy. Don't worry about the light haze it will buff off with your towels. When you are finished wiping down let it dry a couple of hours and then buff with your terry towels. Let the project set at least 4-5 hours and seal with the 511 Impregnating Sealer following the manufacturers instructions. When you are all finished, caulk any areas needed such as base of sink, base of tub surround or base of stall shower.

How many people have grout haze on their tiles? A bunch I can assure you. If you look across your floor and you see cloudy uneven residues that will not respond to household chemicals, you may have grout haze.

During the grouting process, tiles fire rescue blades have to be wiped free of grout residue before the grout sets up on the tile. Or at least buffed off the tile at some point. We see several efforts to conceal grout reside, from designing tiles that have a faux grout residue built in, to application of sealers to hide the mess.