It is possible to polish metal polishing pads, regardless of its age. Furthermore, there is no need to make use of special acid agents for preparing the surface. In this process, 12 or more steps are involved for surface grinding. This helps to get a dense surface. After this, the surface is polished by using resin diamond or metal diamond grids. In case of special requirements, surface coatings and floor hardeners are used to obtain the desired sheen.

There are numerous advantages of polished concrete flooring over other flooring material alternatives:


Resilience: Concrete floors wet polishing pads are strong and durable. These floors do not stain easily. Further, these floors are not prone to crack or split like tile or linoleum. In addition to this, there is no need to change the flooring time to time as in case of carpets, PVC, marble or stone. With proper care and regular maintenance, it will give best performance for years to come. Properly maintained concrete floors can exist as long as the slab exists. Various features make them the most ideally suited and affordable flooring option in both short and long run.