diamond polishing pads The layer will now dry quickly, so apply a couple of coats per session. Literally speaking, you need about a hundred passes to complete the step before you allow the project to dry diamond belts completely. You may need to go back to swiping the surface with the alcohol again and continue the cycle to get the results you want. Examine the surface and sand the project with a couple of drops of oil again, polish and spirit till you get the most beautiful luster you could possibly have.

Floor polishers and floor buffers are used to polish and buffer any type of hard surface leaving them with a "wet" looking finish. This includes surfaces such as wood, marble, granite, Terrazzo and concrete. This type of industrial cleaning machine is similar to a burnisher except they clean at much slower speeds. This slower speed can have several advantages depending on the cleaning task that you require.

Ideal for certain hard triangular diamond polishing pads that require a gloss finish

Modern industrial polishers can provide you a higher gloss, or "wet" look, finish over traditional high speed machines such as floor burnishers. This is due to the fact that floor polishers and buffers clean at slower speeds. This makes them ideal for cleaning certain floor finishes, such as dri-brite, which can be damaged using the higher speed floor burnishers.