Stone chisels are used to cut or carve stone, granite quarry diamond wire bricks or concrete slabs. Masonry chisels are heavy and have dull head which is used as wedge to break cement which has hardened.


Light and fine wood work is done using a chisel that is beveled at an angle of 15 degrees.

Use the knife-like edge to slice off small amounts of wood.

The wood should lie flat on a surface when you push the paring granite multi diamond wire chisel. If the wood rests firmly on the work bench, the control you have when pushing the chisel with force will be greater.

The blade has to be positioned ata slight angle, so that you do not take off large amount of wood.

Proper method is to place one hand on the blade of the chisel and press it against the surface of the wood as the hand controls the forward movement of the chisel.

Move the chisel with the other hand, by holding the handle.

The depth of the cut is determined by raising or lowering and controlling the handle.