Historical: this granite block dressing diamond wire flooring is believed to have been developed in the North East of Italy where residents used pebbles to pave their homes. This produced an uneven surface, however, over time methods were discovered to finish and smooth these areas which quickly propelled it into popular use worldwide.

Varied Use: It is used in commercial landmarks such as airports, train stations, supermarkets and shopping centers, providing statement flooring that will likely last a lifetime with correct maintenance and restoration. It is also well-suited to areas of high foot traffic. The granite profiling diamond wire range of aggregates used in terrazzo flooring vary greatly in size and color; they can be set into different colours of cement, producing endless finishes.

Hard Wearing: through its formation, terrazzo floors are incredibly hard-wearing. Its use in public buildings is often attributed to the fact that it can be refinished repeatedly and is long-lasting. It is therefore a cost-effective stone flooring choice.