During the initial sanding resin diamond floor pads phase, a course material is used to remove the pits and blemishes associated with concrete. Once this is complete the fine grinding process begins. Diamond particles that have been embedded in a plastic matrix are used to gradually and painstakingly buff and polish the floor until it has that unmistakable shine of polished concrete. The final step of the process is to apply a commercial polishing solution to the floor. This solution will give the shine an extra boost as well as seal the floor, leaving it stain and dirt resistant.


There are several benefits to having a polished concrete floor. One of the most appealing resin diamond hand pads benefits is that this type of flooring is available in a wide spectrum of designs and colors. You can custom create your flooring. This type of flooring will also outlast any other type of flooring available. Polished concrete flooring can radiate and store solar energy, it is easy to maintain, it does not harbor harmful allergens, and it's initially cheaper than most other flooring alternatives.