5. Polishing  Equipment - How it works

Concrete vacuum brazed diamond blades is polished with a walk-behind or riding diamond disc grinder. The grinder spins diamond-impregnated discs with various grits. The grinders start with coarse grits and move to finer grits until the concrete is polished to a smooth shine. Because the polishing takes place layer by layer, customers can choose the level of gloss that they want on their concrete floors.

Concrete floors may be polished wet or dry. Customers often have different preferences. Wet polishing creates waste slurry that easily spreads into hard-to-find hard to reach places. It is considered hazardous waste in most areas and must be disposed of according to regulation.

Dry grinding creates a significant amount of dust. Professional contractors control the dust with a high-performance vacuum vacuum brazed triangular diamond pads system. When used correctly, it virtually eliminates airborne dust.