Next, cinderblock Diamond Abrasive belts is a very coarse material that will remove the glaze from your blade quickly and it is easy to throw a in the back of your truck and have on hand for such an occasion.

Third, if possible run it on a silicone carbide wheel. This would be more of a proactive move to expose your blade before you take it out on the job. Silicone carbide wheels can be placed on a grinding wheel and is perfect for exposing a diamond. Just running it for a second will remove the glaze and expose your diamonds. Even if you don't put it on a grinding wheel you can throw one in your truck and run your blade on it for a second.


diamond sand belt problems are caused by warranty failures - less than 1/10 of 1% (.001). Most problems result from using the wrong blade for the job, using it improperly or equipment problems.