Burnishing pads have long been known to give trouble-free service to architects, interior designers, homeowners and business professionals alike. The reason is simple. These pads are versatile, preferred for durability, appearance, low maintenance, and indicates quality from the very first glance. Because of all these qualities, they have become an integral part of a landscaping meeting today's exacting demands of clients. Amazingly, not only these pads are functional, they lend a wide variety of design option which can make a dramatic difference in landscaping plans, as well as enhance property values.


Burnishing pad does it all


A diamond embedded pads not only add long lasting quality to the project but also add visual satisfaction. The quality of the project always begins with good planning. Spending time to find a best buffing pad at the early stage is always a wise decision to smooth away light blemishes, greases, coatings, mastics, burs, and rough spots from the surface. However, if the job requires removing heavy coatings, heavy blemishes, or mastics from an existing floor, it may be necessary to purchase an aggressive machine specifically designed for removing heavy coatings and mastics, often completing the job after one pass.


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