Below the operating table of diamond polishing pads is situated a basin which is filled with water, but care should be taken in how much water is applied to the basin. Too much can result in excessive spillage and splash out, and too little can cause the blade to run dry resulting in damage, so the water level should always be continuously checked, as some does tend to seep out during conventional use.


The use of water in cutting floor tiles or any other masonry product for that matter, also limits any excessive unwanted concrete dust emissions. Apart from being a nuisance to clean up after Diamond Wire Saw is complete, concrete dust is also harmful if breathed in for any prolonged duration. Other methods of dry tile cutting can be used with a hand held angle grinder with either disposable abrasive or diamond tipped blades, but without the use of water for obvious compatibility reasons in relation to electrical appliances, these dust emissions are nothing but an inconvenience.