Another option is to manually run concrete diamond wire after the CNC has run all the metal wheels and before the polishing wheels. That helps to keep the polishing tools in good shape but it is extra handwork which disturbs the normal workflow on the CNC machine.

Dressing the profile diamond wheels on a regular basis with the right dressing stones will help to keep the lines to a minimum.

There are also special tools called line-breaker and line-buster to name a few which may result in a better finish.

Marble and Granite care the same old problem.


Granite or Marble can look like a sheet of granite quarry diamond wire or be really tactile in its feel and appearance. In both cases it does become soiled, dull, lifeless and hard work to keep clean. This in turn ruins the overall Joy of having granite surfaces or tiles in a kitchen bathroom or any other work-top or seating area not to mention the fire place. Be careful not to damage your Granite worktops or marble if you are using an ordinary household cleaner for cleaning your new Granite, Marble, corona or other natural or man-made stone surfaces. see extensive list of granite types that the ultimate granite polish will maintain on the bottom of this page..